The benefits of Brighton blinds

One thing any casual acquaintance of the Brighton seafront knows is that many Brighton folk are adverse to anything covering their windows, preferring instead for the litany of passersby to witness their every activity. When a Brighton flat does present itself with a set of lovely blinds, the pedestrian is finds themselves simultaneously astonished and envious – where on earth did this stylish Brightonian find such elegant blinds?

Adding blinds to your lovely Brighton home is smart for a number of reasons, which we’ll explore in depth in this blog post.

Blinds save you money

Blinds offer more to the Brighton home than simply providing privacy, warmth, and a stylish backdrop to your room. Blinds save you money! Wooden blinds in particular are excellent insulators, keeping Brighton’s frigid winter winds from penetrating your (almost assuredly single-pane and, thanks to Brighton’s stringent conservation laws, un-upgradeable) drafty windows and keeping that lovely heat inside. Indeed, blinds can help you preserve up to 40% more heat in your Brighton home, keeping your heating costs low and letting you pocket your hard-earned cash instead of chucking it out the window. How much money? As much as 15%, and if you spend the national average on heating, that adds up to a significant sum. All due to your wise investment in a set of lovely-looking blinds.

Likewise, in the summer blinds will keep that unbearable Brighton sun out of your (still drafty) windows where it would otherwise bake your living room into a broil. Few Brightonians invest in air conditioning, but even if it doesn’t save you money in the summer, blinds will certainly save your sanity.

Blinds provide privacy

Though this thought is apparently on few Brighton minds, the fact cannot be ignored that blinds provide privacy from the ever-present hoards of onlookers that clog Brighton’s too-popular streets. We may let everyone and their dog spy on us via social media, but that’s different. We can choose to post only photos of ourselves on Facebook looking amazing, but it’s difficult to maintain pose in front of your own bedroom window. Especially embarrassing isn’t the thought of the nameless Brighton masses peering in our windows, witnessing us in various stages of undress, but our neighbours – the ones who might even know our names (and certainly know where we live). Blinds are a simple and elegant solution to this problem. Blinds are, well – there’s a reason they’re called blinds. People can’t see through them. Blinds let us go about our business doing whatever we please without a single soul in Brighton being able to peer in. And that’s a wonderful thing.

Blinds are beautiful

Besides saving money and privacy, blinds are just plain old stylish. Wooden blinds add depth, character and warmth to a room. They’re also durable and cost-effective, which aren’t often found in beautiful things. Plus, you can use blinds to adjust the light levels in your already lovely Brighton flat to create even lovelier moods. Blinds never go out of style, can suit a contemporary or classic decor, and can add drama or remain neutral.

In short, no Brighton home should ever be without blinds.