Patio Awnings from Homestyle Burgess Hill

Now….I know, the weather is pretty terrible at the moment, so maybe sitting in the garden is the last thing on your mind… but we wanted to give you a reminder, that if a patio awning is on your wish list, then getting organised sooner rather than later is a great plan.

Last year supply issues with aluminium and motorised parts caused havoc with lead times on patio awnings, and people nearly missed the summer window….so we think you should get in there now…before the rush starts.

“But what’s so good about an awnings?” you may well ask. And I’m about to tell you!

They give awesome shade on your patio when you are sat out sipping a cheeky glass of Pimms in the summer, and keeping the kids safe from sunburn.

A patio awning is fine to be out in light rain, so if the dreaded English weather drizzles down on your summer BBQ party, you will be fine!! The sausages will stay dry!

A random one – if your garden is overlooked by your neighbours upstairs windows….then your lovely awning will create a super secluded refuge.

A patio awning also shades the windows that it covers….so can protect your carpet and furniture.

So what’s stopping you?? Call us now on 01444 236556 for a free no obligation home quotation.