How to support high street businesses in Sussex

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We all know that it’s tough times for Sussex businesses at the moment, especially those that maintain a high street shopfront. We are a small independent business, and we need your help in supporting the local economy. If you want to have a high street filled with diverse shops, you need to support them and use them.

Lots of blind companies don’t maintain a high street presence. We have the big one: Hilarys. They operate from a massive call centre, farming out your work to franchisees across the country. The franchisee from your area might be really good! (They may not). They have a  sale on…all the time! (How does that work?).  And do you know who gets the calls when their blinds break??  We do! Every single day…..because they are not so hot on aftercare (and neither are we if your blind was purchased from Hilarys. We can’t help you)

There are also loads of small traders who operate from the back of their van, with no showroom base. That’s cool. They  don’t have much overhead, and they are probably not VAT registered…so pricing can be lower. But again – beware this route if you want longevity, availability of warrantee and great aftercare. How will you get in touch with them if there is a problem later?

In the made to measure market, sometimes things go wrong. They do! Sometimes it’s our fault. We are human, and we occasionally make mistakes in working out the pattern repeat of the fabric you need, calculating the angles on complicated roof blinds or curved bay tracks, accidentally transposing numbers when converting measurements. Bespoke work is exacting (and also soul crushingly expensive when we make a  mistake…because we ALWAYS do what it takes to get it right). Sometimes an item might get made wrong by the manufacturer and (all too often) things get squished in transit.  When unfortunate things happen – you can rest assured we are always then on the case to make sure everything is left perfect. I guess what I’m trying to convey is, that if you are spending “made to measure money”, then you need and deserve the availability and service of a team on hand to get the job finished right.  Factor that into your decision.

(You also know where everyone in Sussex (it feels that way!) comes to get the little replacement parts for their blinds that they bought elsewhere….can you guess?)

And you want to actually touch all the types of blinds you say? Play with the controls? Look at how tightly they stack back?? See all the different sizes of shutter? Play with motorised products? Browse at your leisure through hundreds of fabric samples for blinds and curtains? That is what our showroom is for. Pop in and take a look. Bring some rough sizes, and we can do some pricing for you.  Bring a picture of the room, or an item you are trying to colour match, and we’ll happily get involved in the search for the perfect solution. We are just by the station in Burgess Hill, West Sussex.

So how can you help? (Thank you for reading this far!!):

If you live in mid Sussex and are in the market for blinds, curtains or shutters….let us give you a  quote….don’t just call the big boys. We often beat their prices (and we are happy to price match any other quote too on a like for like basis). Call us on 01444 236556 for a FREE no obligation home survey!

Recommend us to family and friends who may be thinking of sprucing up their interior.

Give us some happy feedback on Checkatrade, or Google reviews if you have a great experience with us. (If for any reason you didn’t feel we did a great job….please call us, and tell us! We need to know)

Or just hit the LOVE button on some of our social media posts, or make a little comment. It all helps!!