Introducing motorised blinds from Homestyle Burgess Hill

Motorised blinds Homestyle Burgess Hill

Motorised blinds – sounds expensive, right? Wrong!! Motorised blinds from Homestyle Burgess Hill are more affordable than you think.

In recent years child safety has been a top priority for the blinds industry due to a spate of accidents involving children getting caught up in blind cords and chains. Consequently, the industry moved to limit “closed” loops on cord controls, meaning that we now have to make controls shorter (so they are out of reach for children), install (slightly pesky) break apart elements to make blinds safe if the cords come under significant tension, and install cord restraints to tie cords back to the wall so that they are not hanging loose.

So – some of those measures are a bit annoying…and we are constantly asked if we can make the controls longer, or just not install the cord retainers to the wall. Unfortunately we cannot bend those rules as professional blind installers, we are under obligation to comply with child safe legislation and install the blinds with all the precautions and safety measured provided.

The rules apply even if you have no children in your household, with the only exception being some factory/commercial properties.

One way that the blind industry has responded is to do significant work in improving methods of automating blinds. When motorised, with a remote control a blind becomes completely child safe, and utterly rock and roll! (bonus!)

We no longer need to involve electricians to install expensive fused spurs installed up by the window. There are loads of rechargeable and solar options that need no power supply.

Louvolite one touch motors for roller blinds are fully rechargeable (you just plug in a charger, like you would your phone, about once every 3 months). They are remote controlled, and can even connect to a home hub for fancy remote whole house automation via app). They add about £90 to the cost of a roller blind…..but it’s a whole new ball game re luxury and convenience.

Velux also offer some awesome solar powered options, which are especially handy if your skylight windows are out of easy reach. No more messing about with a pesky pole to close the blinds.

So if you have a  window that is a bit hard to reach, or you don’t want hanging cords, or maybe you just don’t want to have to get out of bed to open your blind in the morning….. then motorised blinds are for you!

We can also automate venetians, woodslat blinds and pleated blinds. Loads of different styles and colours available to suit every type of home Once you have motorised one – you’ll never want to go back!!

(and if you need a patio awning – we can motorise that too…)

Pop into our Burgess Hill showroom to look at options, or we can pop over for a free no obligation home quotation! Call us now on 01444 236556.