How to measure for vertical blinds

Step 1: Measure the width of the window opening

Make sure when measuring the width of the window that you include the window’s trim when taking this measurement. It’s best practice to add at least 4 inches on either side so that there is some overlap. This can prevent any light coming from coming in on the sides of your custom vertical blinds and ensuring the blind functions as intended.

Step 2: Make sure to measure the height of the window opening

Similar to step 1 it’s very important to remember to include some overlap (trim) in your measurements. As you are measuring the height of the window it’s important to remember to leave at least 3 inches above the window to allow for the blinds fixings or mounting brackets to have ample room to fit. The other thing to bear in mind is that you need to allow for overlap at the bottom to ensure no stray shards of light can escape.

Step 3: Don’t forget door handles

If you are hanging a blind in front of French windows or a sliding door then it’s very important not to forget to include them in your measurements. Bear in mind that if the door handle sticks out it could interfere with the window treatment, particularly with wooden vertical blinds. It might be possible to measure from the opposite side to just next to the door handle which could help prevent the treatment from getting in the way of the door. If needs be it is possible to order extension brackets which can add depth to the top of the rail which in turn provides clearance of any protruding door handles.

Step 4: Get your measurements the right way round

It might sound like an obvious piece of advice but it’s essential that you get the blind measurements the right way round. Vertical blind measurements work this way: width is listed first and then followed by length. If you mix these numbers around the wrong way you run the risk of ordering a blind that is completely the wrong shape or configuration for the space you are attempting to mask.

Final step: Some user tips for vertical blinds

Once your blinds have arrived and been successfully installed in your property there are a few small tips you might want to bear in mind. Firstly open the blinds with the chain BEFORE drawing them closed with the nylon cord. This will ensure you don’t damage the blinds and will prevent them from falling from the rail.

Another really useful tactic can be to spray a small amount of silicon on the inside of the head rail – there should be a rod located here. Spraying silicon can help if the blinds become difficult to open and shut.  Make sure you work the silicon into the blinds by opening and closing them a number of times ensuring even silicon distribution. Remember to keep them clean and vacuum the rail at least once a year to prevent dirt and dust build up clogging the mechanism.