Keeping Blinds Clean Part Two: Pull Cords

One way in which a blind can begin to show its age is when the pull cord begins to take on a grey, slightly dirty appearance. Some people may go ahead and replace the whole blind as they find this unsightly. Unless you also want to upgrade to a better style of made to measure blind this is an unnecessary waste of a perfectly good blind. The following is a description of a little trick developed specifically to clean window blinds pull cords.

Step 1: Take a small plastic bag and pour a fifty-fifty mixture of hot water and bleach into it.

Step 2: Very carefully put your pull cord in the bad and submerge it in the bleach solution. It may be easier to do this with someone else’s help as you don’t want to end up pouring bleach and hot water down yourself!

Step 3: Taking great care attempt to twist the top of the bag and use an implement like a clothes-peg, a bull-dog clip or whatever you may have to hand to securely close the opening in the bag. The priority here is to prevent bleachy water from leaking whilst leaving the cord fully submerged.

Step 4: Wait! Once the bag is fastened in place the only thing left to do is to wait for some time to pass. Ideally it’s best to leave the bleach in place over night to ensure the correct amount of whitening takes place. The next day, voila, you should find that dirty old blind cord is as good as new.

This method has been tried and tested and we’ve had some overwhelmingly positive feedback over it. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to spruce up their made to measure blinds. Of course is you want new blinds then look no further than Homestyle Interiors. Even new blinds require cleaning and maintenance so remember this trick for the future.